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We are your source for Life Insurance Leads.


CMIS has been offering quality proven life leads to the insurance industry since 1987.
CMIS provides guaranteed exclusive, non-duplicated, pre-qualified life insurance leads through our unique direct mail program. Our life leads have been tested and proven by countless insurance professionals.


Fresh life leads that win!

Before we mail out any letter, we check the list numerous times to ensure that the actual life lead you receive is a solid potential candidate. Our Quality Control department checks every life insurance lead card sent in by a prospect to verify if it is a quality response. When we send you a life lead, we guarantee that it will have the minimum of a name, address and a phone number. After the leads have been checked, we sort and send them to you via first class mail. You then make the appointments and complete the sales. Our goal is to help you make your book of business bigger and better.


Many life insurance lead companies doing business today do not give credit for an invalide lead, no matter what reason you give. However, at CMIS we stand by our life insurance leads and there are four reasons for us to replace any Lead Card:

Our quality control department will check every life lead that is sent back and a credit will be given based on their recommendation. Credits given are at the sole discretion of CMIS.
Placing a Lead Order with CMIS is simple, you just tell us how many leads you desire, where you need them, and we will do the rest. You may choose the Zip Codes you prefer rather than an entire area or county!
Each lead will cost you anywhere between *$39.95 and $49.95 depending upon your state and area. (*Volume discounts and/or first time buyers' discounts are available in some areas).
To get started, please fill out our online life insurance lead order form HERE.